The Difficulty In Finding Premature Baby Clothes


premature_baby_in_handFor parents whose kids arrive prematurely, finding clothing that will suit them and still allow for PICC and IV entry can be quite stressful. In fact, clothes strictly designed for preemies are quite difficult to find in the usual baby clothing stores.

Unfortunately, making do with standard baby clothes is not going to suffice either as they are often either big or need to be reduced to even fit the babies. Having to think and worry about this on top of the present worry of having a premature baby will only add more stress to an already stressful situation.

The good thing is it doesn’t have to strenuous. There are difficulties, yes, but they can be taken care of when you know what they are.

Safety is a Primary Concern

If you decide to proceed with adjusting the standard sized baby’s clothing, there’s always the issue of skin irritation and allergies as these newborns tend to have extra sensitive skin which react to dyes and other chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

Not just that, their possible lack of a strong or fully strengthened immune system like their counterparts that were carried to term, makes using just any clothing material can be dangerous. So, parents need to be sure of this before purchasing standard sized baby clothing and carrying out any adjustments.

Designs and Proper Sizing May Be Lacking

Luckily, some baby specialty stores are known to sell premature baby clothes. While this is good news, there’s usually the issue of very limited sizes and generic designs. You see, there’s the assumption that a 4lb baby requires the same clothing material as a 2lb baby.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 4lb babies for instance, can make do with premature baby suits while 2lb babies are best fitted with vests because their legs and arms are very sensitive to clothing materials at that point. So, be sure that the store can help with this.

What Should You Do?

penguinWhen you eventually find a premature baby clothes specialty store that you are comfortable with, find out if they can make any necessary adjustments. Usually, a good store will provide a wide range of suits, booties, capes, blankets, vests and hats. See if there’s one specifically made for your child’s size. And if there isn’t any, they will be willing to customize the clothes to your specifications.

The Premature Baby Boutique by Dinki Dreams is just such a store, check them out for French designed Preemie clothes made in the U.K

Having a premature baby is an amazing thing. Yes, it’s tough, but the process of finding perfect sized baby clothes can be fun. And the joy of watching them thrive and eventually outgrow those clothes into standard baby clothing is indescribable.
ately, making do with standard baby clothes is not going to suffice either as

You can find Dinki Dreams here:-

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