Insights With Jeff Bezos

I always like to bring you Guys interesting information that will help build your business. I was having a ten minute surf around YouTube and I found this brilliant video interview with Jeff Bezos, head honcho of Amazon.

I think everyone knows Amazon lost money (lots of it) for many years before finally turning a profit. Now they are the biggest company on the planet (I think). However, this interview really does dig into what Jeff Bezos is all about, it’s very revealing and demonstrates some of his thought processes. It’s just shy of ten minutes long and is very definitely worth a watch.

What I like about this is the way it reveals his thought process. I always think “the entrepreneur” thinks in a different way, makes different connections in the brain, however, this insight is something a little different. Something we can all learn from and maybe there are a few “take outs” that we can apply to our own business.

I hope you find it useful – it certainly opened my eyes in a few areas.

Personally I think the big win is they can supply DEEP into the “long tail” and bricks and mortar stores simply don’t have the space or economies of scale to compete. I like some pretty weird stuff on the music front and I just cannot get a lot of that music on the high street, but…Amazon always delivers. I guess it’s the same with books, DVDs etc. Amazon will always win because of its size nowadays!

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