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Steve_JamesHi, my name is Steve James and I’m the owner of the Emyoku project. This is me in my old (vintage) Vauxhall. It was a labour of love to “do up” over a number of years.

Anyway, I often get asked what does Emyoku mean, the bottom line is…I have no idea. Sorry about that. I saw the domain for sale, liked the word so I bought it – that’s as far as it goes.

What’s the site about? Well, it’s really just articles on friends of mine who have their own business. These people tend to be small entrepreneurial types that offer a business service to their local community. For some reason I know a lot of photographers :) (One of them took this picture).

Actually I know them because I help them with their online marketing. And, there’s an interesting story in and of itself. I started working for one photographer – did a great job for her and she referred me to all of her photographer friends. So, I am now a bit of a photographic online marketing specialist.

Of course I help other businesses as well, like Dinki Dreams which is a great little business. You can read the case study on them here. It’s a great idea that was borne out of frustration and I always thing business ideas that come from such a need stand a great chance of success.

Photographers just need to identify their market, (so upmarket, the masses, wedding, boudoir, equine) and then be the best in their niche. Something like premature baby clothes comes from the inability to find them in a case of urgent need and providing a “one-stop shop” for all needs that is easily accessible at the point of demand. I know that sounds a little clinical given the situation, but that’show it happened!

Anyway, enough of me babbling on, I just wanted to give my friends who run certain businesses a “leg up” by showcasing them here on my site, simple as that really.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you feel the need, drop me a line. Particularly if you have a genuinely interesting business story to tell. Who knows I may feature you, we may become friends and I may end up helping you maximise your own online marketing. Six degrees of separation – just remember that.

Cheers now


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