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It is a sad fact of modern life that most people hate their jobs. As an ex recruiter I do find that staggering. I guess it shows the lack of proper information provided by careers counsellors in the education system. I suppose it also shows how over bearing “the system” has become. We go to school, college, get an education and then work the treadmill for 40 years and retire in poverty. It’s what the system wants, even demands of us.

Are We Sheep?

sheepThat we are compliant little sheep that don’t rock the boat and pay our taxes. I have heard the term “bagged and tagged” used. Harsh but certainly an element of truth given the level of surveillance these days. If you do step out of line, expect to feel the full force of “the law”. Now the law may well be an ass (let’s face it in many cases it really is). But it a sharp instrument for the most part designed to keep you under control. get on the wrong side of it and you will feel the full force.

So, it delights me that I now see so many more people taking full control of their lives. Yes the advent of the Internet gives us so much more freedom of choice. And it makes it far more difficult for big brother to control us. Long may that be the case and I love seeing Government’s attempts to reign in the power of the Internet. Long may they fail! Somone will always be one step ahead because the bureaucracy of Government simply can’t keep pace with the flair of the free entrepreneur. But that’s another subject for another day.

Let’s focus on people taking control of their own destiny, that’s what I wanted to talk about today.

Doing What You Love Equals Freedom

Doing what you love to earn money brings a certain freedom. Now I’m talking talking freedom from Big Brother or the Tax Man, but a mental freedom. Yes, you can get that physical freedom by leaving the country and being a little more nomadic in your outlook. Indeed many Internet businesses only need a high speed broadband connection to function. Everything is stored in “the cloud” and they can work from anywhere. Power to their elbow.

But I am talking about something at a much more basic level. I guess this almost fits in with Maslows Heirarchy of Needs. The need to feelyou are doing something worthwhile. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. the self satisfaction your get from working with something you love.

Your Needs Are Important

It’s the artist that earns a living plying their trade. Maybe they write creative signs for small unique businesses. Maybe it’s the cake decorator who makes truly creative and absolutely unique wedding cakes designs and charges a premium for doing so. Maybe it’s the inventor that designs a new sort of shoe implant that makes your foot fit snuggly when you can’t get the right sized shoe (yep, my wife found some online).

Maybe it’s the person who loves animals and quits a high powered job to work with them in a pet sitting business. It’s about taking control of your own destiny. It’s the person who turns that pet sitting business into a pet day care franchise and maximises the income from the original idea.

Maybe it’s the person who sees the need for social change and starts a unique social network that it takes years to build. But…that he is so committed to it that finally it starts to build momentum and does gradually start to bring about much needed social and political change.

Although out of all of these it’s the pet sitting I like the most. Why? Well, I met Peter who runs Pets, Homes and Gardens, the company that offers the franchise. Indeed I talked to many of his franchisees when I was doing a case study on this business.

What sets them apart? It’s simply this. The joy I saw in the franchisees. They had a dream to work with pets and animals and Peter provided them with the means to fulfill their dreams. To me that is so amazingly powerful, that PHG win my vote here.

You can find them at

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