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photographerToday we talk to professional photographer Michelle Wiggett about her life as pro picture taker in leafy Hertfordshire. We look at her work and life and how she balances all the weekend work and a ludicrously busy schedule with having two young children.

Chance Meeting

First, let’s rewind a couple of years. I was doing my final ever recruitment contract before going full time into SEO. One day, Michelle turned up on site as a part-time marketing manager. It was small agency and I was trying to help them expand by recruiting staff for them. Michelle was trying to drum up business from the existing database as well as new business via some new marketing channels.

One lunch time, over a Nandos, we got talking. We both had alternative lives and amazingly they dovetailed together. Michelle had always had a keen interest in photography and when you look at her images you can see why. She has a definite “eye” for a great picture. But her course taught her how to take that amateur interest and turn it professional. It was a six month part residential course and went into both the technical aspects of being a photographer as well as how to run a photography business.

Launching The Business

And it was at this time she was launching Michelle Wiggett Photography.

For my part, I’d just spent a small fortune learning how Google really worked and how to get websites ranked. So, we were at the same stages of our respective businesses. It made perfect sense to help each other out.

So, I agreed to do Michelle’s SEO for her, at cost, in return for a glowong testimonial if it worked.

I am delighted to say it did and Michelle has no need to spend any other budget on marketing these days. She get’s all of her business from the SERPS.

New Challenges

But, the success in the rankings has brought new challenges.

“I am so incredibly busy” she smiles. “Since I went to the top I have been booked out doing wedding photography in St Albans every weekend this summer”.

Are you complaining I asked?

“No, not at all”, she laughs. “I have also been booked out with family shoots, animal sessions and even some commercial work. I’ve also had a lot of childrens photography work as well, which I love dearly. Having said that, despite the fact I lose most of my Saturdays I still love weddings the best”.

“Being in St Albans as a photographer is just amazing”, she says. “We have fantatsic countryside, great light and the people are nice around here. There’s a lot to be said for that”.

Making It Work

But you do have two young children and a husband who is busy in the IT world, how doe sit all fit together?

“It’s tough”, she reflects “You know from when I did your own wedding (she was amazing – Ed) that Paul helps me out, so we need a strong support network around us. Through the children’s school and networking groups we have come together with like minded people and we helpeach other out”. For example I am nearly always around in the week. So I help out other parents with their children in the week, they help us out at weekends. It works really well”.

So, why photography? I mean, you’re pretty good at marketing as well.

“It’s what I love, I really do. I can’t describe the feeling when you get that perfect shot, it’s truly awe inspiring. When you can see raw emotion or true love in a pciture you have taken it is the most rewarding thing possible. To be able to take a photo at that instant and see that recorded for ever is beyond words”.

Indeed, Michelle was the photographer at my St Albans wedding and I can personally vouch for the fact she is simply amazing. We were over the moon with the results she got.

Check out her work at WWW.MichelleWiggettPhotography.CO.UK

Check out this video of some of Michelle’s work as well.

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