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Derek ArmsonToday I am talking to Derek Armson of Authority Digital. His company do Search Engine Optimisation for businesses across the U.K. I’ll be asking him all about that dreaded Google algorithm and what it means for your business. So, without further ado, let’s crack on.

So, how long have you been doing this?

“About two years solely as a client SEO”, he says. “Although both Lee (Brooker – Derek’s business partner in Authority Digital) and I have been working on more broad online marketing for about 7 or 8 years. Is it really that long? Yes, it is”, he muses.

Seen It All

So, I would guess there isn’t much you Guys haven’t seen in digital marketing?

“Oh, how I wish that were true”, he laughs, “the scene changes so quickly. I’m not just talking about the algorithm either here. The way technology advances means there are new and better tools being released to market all of the time. And, because Google itself is an ever changing target, new techniques are being developed all the time as well. It is almost a full time job keeping up with the latest advances. That inevitably does mean we are not expert across the broad spectrum of Internet marketing skills. It’s impossible to be so. You do have to specialise, which we do in SEO”.

Clearly, though, you have to engage in many of those other areas. How do you cope?

“To be honest, we now outsource a lot of work. We have an excellent writer we use for most of our content. Rather than do the time consuming research to find high quality domains, we buy from a broker. That broker also sets up all of our ranking domains for us now as well. As we have become more successful, the extra income has allowed us to outsource these types of task so that we can concentrate on making sure we are always fully up to speed with algorithm changes ad able to react. This ensures our clients remain highly ranked and they are protected no matter what Google throws at us”.

What About The Google Algorithm?

You have sort of pre-empted me there, I was going to ask about the algorithm next. How on earth do you stay up to speed with the constant changes?

“Yes, it’s true the algorithm does change an awful lot. I understand Google have a room the size of quite a few fotball pitches full of the best brains on the planet continuously developing the thing! But, I think you have to look at it from Google’s perspective. Their raison d’etre is to provide the best possible search results for their customers. If they didn’t, searchers would quickly leave and go to Bing or Yahoo. So, the fact that Google is used for 70% plus of all searches means they must be doing something right. However, for them to stay so far ahead of the game does make it a tough job for us to keep up”.

Interesting, tell me more.

“Well, firstly, Google has and always will look for the same thing. It wants to see that your site is popular, is trusted and has great and engaging content. The way they measure popularity is by how many other sites link to yours. If those sites that link to you are trusted by Google, your site will also gain trust. So, for example, a link from the BBC would suggest to Google that your site is trusted by a huge authority site and they would give you a boost in rankings for that. However, they also want to see that incoming links are relevant to your site. So, if your site is about, say, stamp collecting, but the link to it is from a site about horse racing, they will not see that as relevant and devalue the link”.

I see, I think!

Quality, Engaging Content Is Vital

“And finally, you also need to have content that keeps people on your site. Nowadays Google is fastidious in measuring how long people stay on your site and how they “engage” with your content. If a visitor arrives on your site and clicks straight off again, Google will record that as what they call “a bounce”. If your bounce rate is too high, they will decide yur site is not very good and push it down the rankings. If they see a site that has little or no content or copied content, they will apply a dreaded Panda penalty. If your site attracts such a penalty, it will fall in the rankings. So SEO looks at a whole gamut of different factors”.

Is that the lot?

“Well, not quite,” he smiles broadly. “In the most recent update social media became much more important. And, it’s not just about being seen on social media. Google now measures how popular your content is for the number of shares, likes, re-tweets, +1’s etc your cntent gets across the social media platforms. So, in 2015 it is vital that you not only get yuor message out there, but get it socalised as well. Social is now a vital cog in your search engine optimisatio arsenal. I believe it will become more important over the coming years as well”.

Wow, that was a really in depth look at SEO in 2015, thank you so much for your time Derek

“It was a pleasure, and I hope this helps your readers with the search engine placings”.

Authority Digital provide SEO Services to all business cross the U.K, you can find them at or on Facebook

Here’s Derek talking about the importance of social media after the recent changes.

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